Saturday, April 9, 2011

what are words.. *touched*

months ago, I watched his audition video.
damn. I couldn't help but cried.
it touched my heart.
he has a strong heart.
he moves mine, and I'm sure the others too.

this morning, my cousin posted his music video.
damn. I cried again.
this song is for his fiancee.
how I can feel him.
how I can.....
I get through the lyrics.
man. I cried some more.

you really touch my heart Chris. 
I hope your angel will heal.

here, listen. What Are Words - Chris Medina

can you feel his love to his fiancee?
I do.
true love, I said.
cause he willing to get through thick and thin with his fiancee.



  1. wow ecah .. anda seperti menghayati satu perasaan dlm keadaan jiwa y sunyi ..