Monday, December 27, 2010

treat animals well!

bagi aku, semua orang patut ada sifat kemanusiaan, pada binatang.
tak kiralah ia dari binatang jenis apa.  babi ke, anjing ke, serangga ke.
tak kisahlah bagi kita ia spesies hodoh atau comel ke (hodoh bagi kita, tapi mungkin ia yang tercantik di dalam lingkungan spesiesnya).

treat animals well, can't you?

kita sama-sama pijak bumi. kita sama-sama ada otak.
yang beza antara kita dan binatang, kita ada akal.
kita selalu mendominasi. kita yang selalu tunjuk kuasa.
banyak yang musnah sebab kita, MANUSIA.

sudah-sudahlah. jangan kejam terhadap binatang.
kita ada akal, kita sepatutnya lindung mereka, bukannya mencedera.

please, treat animals well, can't you?

tak sanggup aku tengok binatang-binatang sengsara sebab kita.
tak sampai hati.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear December

Dear December,

I met new people,
I met my bestfriends everyday,
I caused my love to cry every night also.
Everyday is a new story.
I try to fit in the chapters,
and most of the time I did.
I clearly know, being yourself is the best priority,
and it makes me happy.
My confident rise and drop,
I hate it, but somehow, it tells me who am I.
Everyday I saw everybody around me smile,
even those are not for me,  it is enough to preserve my 'feel good' atmosphere.
I teach and being taugh,
My expression always changing.
But yet, I received one thing that money can't buy.
the experience
I know my love well,
each day I got deeper knowledge about him.
Silently, I thanked to everyone,
for accepting my presence.
Without their realization, I care for them,
even it looks like it doesn't.

and hey, December, you are mine, got it?
you has my birthdate in yours.
I love you this year, December.
(no, it's not like I hate you before, you are a bit special this year, December)
I love you.
and totally will miss you heavily.
I really miss your dates this year December. 
I'm missing it already.
darn! =(
I love you.