Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why do I love YOU

It came across my mind frequently.
'Why do I love you.'

I don't know.

But, when to think about it deeply,
I actually don't have the words to explain this feeling.

I love;
Your not-so-brown-but-its-brown eyes,
Your nose (I don't know why I really like your nose),
Your soft heart,
Your kindness,
Your this..your that.....

I don't have enough words to explain the feeling.
not yet.

I love  you because I love you.
and as the time flows,
this feeling too, grows in me.
They grow healthy,
They grow up so fresh,
and, they go deeper.

I'm thankful for this feeling,
and thank you, for loving such a blur, undecided, weirdo, living-in-her-own-world girl;me

I love you because I love you.

the more I know you, the deeper I fall.

I love you because I love you.....